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Many factors will influence your choice of the most appropriate wheelchair lift for your needs – for example, the type of wheelchair or scooter you use. Our wide variety of Braun wheelchair lifts can easily accommodate your mobility device, from traditional manual wheelchairs to lightweight scooters and full featured power chairs. Another important consideration is the other passengers who need to access your vehicle- van wheelchair lifts that store under the vehicle or tri-folding platform lifts may work best if you require both ambulatory and wheelchair access through the same vehicle entrance, or need more room inside your vehicle for cargo. Finally, the type of van you’ll be using will direct the type of wheelchair lift which can be installed. Whether you’re interested in a mini van or full size van wheelchair lift, being your BraunAbility dealer we will consider each of these as well as your mobility goals, and can help you choose a solution that works for both your mobility needs and your budget.


Braun Lifts

BraunAbility values and carefully considers our customers’ feedback when designing our van wheelchair lifts. Developing and producing thoughtfully designed, safe, & durable mobility aids has been our mission for more than 40 years, and we’re proud to provide thorough support and maintenance solutions for each of our products. Choosing a BraunAbility van wheelchair lift comes with the security of knowing that you will always have consistent, knowledgeable assistance available just a phone call or visit to your dealer away. In every step, from initial product design to support andHand Held Controls service for long-time wheelchair van and mobility aid owners, BraunAbility is dedicated to our customers’ safety and satisfaction. Find a dealer today toexperience the difference our dedication makes and get expert assistance in finding the best van wheelchair lift for your needs!  At The Braun Corporation, our awareness of the special needs of wheelchair users is a valuable resource. You can count on our experience in designing commercial wheelchair lifts and wheelchair accessible vehicles to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). But beyond that, our commercial vehicles are designed to meet your needs, with performance, safety, and reliability that will keep your fleet up and running day after day, year after year.

Braun Corporation News & Press

news-and-pressThe Braun Corporation has been pioneering commercial wheelchair lifts and commercial wheelchair vehicles since 1963. Our products set the standard for commercial and public-use transportation for the disabled around the world.

Our wheelchair lifts and accessible vans cover a wide variety of commercial and public-use applications, including Transit Bus and MotorcoachSchool BusesCommercial Paratransit,Cutaway Buses, and public-use wheelchair accessible vans.

We invite you to place your trust in Braun’s entire line of commercial mobility products. Browse the website for product application information, the location of your nearest Braun Commercial dealer, customer support, and information about the Braun Corporation.